January Wrap Up! (2108)

Here’s hoping that we can I can be far more timely on these “Month in Review” posts this year.

January came and went. We did a brief wrap up of our trip to and from Thunder Bay.

After the first week of January, everything settled back in.

E went back to school, L went back to work. The cats continued to sleep.

Some highlights included… Our Art Gallery Visit and seeing Mister Fox on our adventures!

E’s Digital Realm:
Watching: Star Trek Discovery, Letterkenny, the Big Bang Theory
Playing: Horizon: Zero Dawn, AC: Unity, Lego Worlds
Reading: Nothing this month 😦
Attended: The Algoma Art Gallery

Arrow, OUAT, Supernatural, Riverdale, Letterkenny, How To Get Away with Murder, Star Trek Discovery
Playing: Yoshi’s Island (GBA SP), Mario Maker (Wii U), Pokemon Go, Mario Kart 8 (Wii U), Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
Reading: The Black Dahlia
Attended: The Soo! – We visited the Sault Ste Marie Art Gallery

E & L


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