MIT: Art Gallery of Algoma

We’ve been exploring different parts of the Soo since E moved there. We’ll continue to highlight these “Moment in Time” (MIT) posts as we continue to blog.

In January, we decided to check out the Art Gallery of Algoma. We were not disappointed!

The feature exhibit was quilting Splendor of Thread and Fabric. A personal goal of L’s is to learn to quilt. Each piece was inspiring and gorgeous!

A few highlights…
(L to R)
Lily Kangas Nothing Gold Can Stay inspired by the Robert Frost poem
Nancy Sachro Sunset Forest was done with cottons that were dyed using a snow dyeing method
Lily Kangas My Stained Glass Window this was memorizing to look at!
Catherine Hornstein The Big Picture inspired by the artist’s time in Alberta. It also reminded us of our home, Thunder Bay.

(L to R again)

Carol Sawchn Fire and Ice “…one of the circles has twice as may pieces and the circles swirl in opposite directions.”
Janet Johnson Snow Birds L loved this piece!
Dorthy Buskard Canada 150 this piece was absolutely stunning. The northern lights were gorgeous!
Heddys Stevenston Icebergs also gorgeous! We loved the blues!

Next up was the AGA Bondar Challenge exhibit. Children were encouraged to get outdoors and take pictures to celebrate the beauty of Canada!

We were awestruck by many of these pictures.
A personal favourite for both of us was a picture that Damon B. took – “Bathtub Island is beautiful. It has a low area where water collects and warms up like a bathtub. There is a white sand beach near it and deep blue-green water. I hope it is here in 150 years so everyone can enjoy it as much as my family and I did when we visited. It is a true natural wonder.”
We couldn’t agree more!

Our final stop was the permanent collection. This piece by Paul Fournier titled Nemo’s Cave was done in 1973 and is acrylic;cellulose on canvas. It was a favourite for both of us!

A quick stop to the gallery shop and our adventure was over! The gallery shop is also filled with gorgeous prints, pottery and so much more!
We then enjoyed lunch at Muio’s before continuing on with our day. This is one of W’s favourite places to go when he visits, so we sent him this snap.

We look forward to our next art gallery visit!

– L&E



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