November Wrap Up

November came and went for me, things were pretty blurry between work and getting ready for our nearly entirely handmade Christmas.

E however, had some adventures with the Ontario College Strike of Doom…

Hello Folks, November already? wow it feels like we just finished October’s wrap up.  What happened this month? Lets find out…

After L and D headed back to Thunder Bay it was business as usual. If usual was still being out of school for the better part of the month. So I caught up with leftover school work, played video games and worked. Not a bad forced vacation. I can’t help but feel if I had gone home the strike would have only lasted a couple of days.  Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t. Finally on the 21st of November we got to go back to school.  In the end Sault College decided to extend the fall semester and start the winter a week early. That makes up for 2 out of the 6 weeks that we missed.

Like L mentioned above we decided to have a handmade Christmas for friends and peeps. I should have started these projects earlier. Probably when the Colleges went on strike OR when L suggested it the first time… Next year folks, next year we are I am starting in July!

About the middle of the month the weather started to change (finally) for the better. Winter has finally come. Winter is my favourite time of year for many reasons. If I ever get a chance maybe I will write a post about it.

At the end of the month my good friend W came for the last weekend in November. It was nice to have a visitor again. We went to see Murder on the Orient Express and Thor; Ragnarok. Both movies were surprisingly pleasant and well written. W and I enjoyed them both. On the home cooking front we fired up some chicken wings and had an awesome dinner.

E’s Digital Realm
Watched: Star Trek: Discovery, How to Get Away with Murder, Stargate Atlantis (My happy place), Letterkenny
Played: AC: Black Flag, Destiney, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Just Cause 3
Read: Decoding the Celts by Claire Hamilton & Steve Eddy
Movie: Murder on the Orient Express, Thor:Ragnarok


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