Terrific Tip Tuesday: Say CHEESE!

Welcome to the latest installment of Terrific Tip Tuesday!

I’ve battled with my lactose intolerance for my entire life, which is awful, because I LOVE cheese. (I also enjoy ice cream, and milkshakes, and so many other dairy products…but I LOVE cheese.)

During our visit to Windsor last summer we made some delicious vegan cheese (which I continue to make even now) but every once in awhile I want the real deal.
Thankfully, PC has created an entire line of lactose free goodness. We heart you PC!

But why stop there.

Why not make lactose free cheese at home!

Like many homesteaders, we have a lot of homesteading goals. Also like many homesteaders, we have SO much to learn and SO much we want to do…but it was important to me to learn how to make cheese.
This proved to be a daunting task.

THANKFULLY Epicure launched this amazing product.
It’s meant for use in the microwave but you can also scald your milk on the stove.

It makes soft cheese making a breeeeeze!
This cheese is AWESOME when paired with a red pepper jelly, blended to create a “cream cheese”…the list goes on and on.

You can use cow milk, goat milk, lactose free milk, soy milk and ripple!

Some tips from other consultants include…
* Keep an eye on your microwave, after about 7 minutes it can boil over. (I personally do a start/stop method after 7 minutes or so)
* 180’F is the magic number. If you’re heating your milk on a stove, a candy thermometer is recommended.
* Adding the flavour in after the 30 minute rest seems to yield more of a bold taste if you find it too bland.

Currently Epicure products are only available in Canada. If you’d like to order yourself a cheese maker, or learn more about Epicure products, you can do so here!


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