October 2017 Wrap Up!

September, October (and then November and December) were extremely busy months for us!

Obviously, it was really busy because we’re finishing up from August… let’s get through October though today.

October by far was our busiest month.

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Terrific Tip Tuesday: Say CHEESE!

Welcome to the latest installment of Terrific Tip Tuesday!

I’ve battled with my lactose intolerance for my entire life, which is awful, because I LOVE cheese. (I also enjoy ice cream, and milkshakes, and so many other dairy products…but I LOVE cheese.)

During our visit to Windsor last summer we made some delicious vegan cheese (which I continue to make even now) but every once in awhile I want the real deal.
Thankfully, PC has created an entire line of lactose free goodness. We heart you PC!

But why stop there.

Why not make lactose free cheese at home!
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