May Wrap Up

Hopefully this one won’t be as delayed as April’s was…

Here we go again. I started this one EARLY so maybe E will get it done before we have to do a June one… maybe.

Kim John Payne continued his work with us at the beginning of the month. He brings so much joy to my field of work. Offering inventive new ways to look at children and behaviours. For any parents/caregivers/educators struggling with any sort of “quirks”, I highly recommend his books and workshops!

With our training, my work’s May Day celebration was postponed…then it rained and we had the entire celebration inside. We pulled it off and the children enjoyed it!

May Goals:
Goal to beat 1 video game Guess who didn’t finish that last level yet… D:

Circle Loom Knitting … …. …. nope! But uh, intentions? Same with crochet D:

Biodynamics Research WE HAVE SEEEEEEDLINGS! 🙂

Start 52 Week Savings Challenge …still going!

Visit Evan … Check and check! We also went and dipped our toes in Katherine’s Cove 😀

Finish a book … I did it! I enjoyed Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Unplugged. Stuart’s reads are always great, he’s a soul we’ll dearly miss.

Watching: Arrow, OUAT, Supernatural, Riverdale, Bates Motel & patiently waiting for more Letterkenny
We also finally watched Mad Max! I also made Evan watch Into the Woods

Playing: Yoshi’s Island (GBA SP), Mario Maker (Wii U), Pokemon Go… the usuals
Reading: I read Stuart’s book and then started Beatrix and Virgil on the 30th.
Attended: The Soo! Katherine’s Cove!

Overall this month was bittersweet. We experienced some losses; as always we are “broke but never broken” and continue on our journey. Many thanks for everyone who stood by us during difficult times 🙂

Let’s see what E has to say….

*E Coughs awkwardly*

I fought the procrastination and the procrastination won… I may or may not get a stern talking to from L about time management again. For the most part I believe that I have satisfactory grip on time management. At work at least I am keenly aware of time constraints and deadlines. After all it is for the greater good of the store and the company. Why then, do I have such a problem with completing my own goals and timelines? One would thing the betterment of the individual through completed and accomplished tasks would be a good enough reason to get my rear in gear but for some reason it never seems to be. L helps out even if she doesn’t know it by plying pressure to create the sense of urgency and deadlines and that for some psychological reason allows me to complete things in a not-so-late-but-late time frame. With L being 700km away it seems to be getting worse. Well, that makes it sound like she hovers over me with deadlines and that is not the case. The cohabitation of a procrastinator and a normy (seriously how do you do it?) usually gives said procrastinator the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. So I think.

Lets get back to what I did in May!

May was a very sad rushed month for both of us. As L said above we were forced to say goodbye to a much loved family member who will be greatly missed. I flew home for the services and back in a matter of days. While in town I was able to meet a good portion of L’s family so it was nice to finally put faces to the many names I have heard over the years.
I think a week later L flew out to CYAM and we road tripped back home.

thumb_IMG_6486_1024Please note the comically small wheels on L’s plane.

I don’t recall seeing much wildlife along the way but somewhere in that trip we saw a moose. This time was more of a free visit for us as we got to see the ever awesome Manitoban chapter of the cousins. They carted massive iMac box in a cramped vehicle all the way from Winnipeg just for us!
thumb_IMG_6495_1024With this donor computer I was able to resurrect L’s prized iMac for (hopefully) the last time. Seriously Apple – maybe try building them to last eh?

My Father always said that “there are never enough hours in the day”. As I get older I am astonished at how right he was. We saw friends and family, ate too much and stayed up too late. In the end L and I packed up and headed down to Sault Ste. Marie. Quickly becoming a much loved tradition we like love stopping in at our favorite cove and rest stop: Katherine’s Cove.
thumb_IMG_6525_1024Pictured: sub-par pano shot of the cove. Not pictured: People on the left shooting a movie!

Upon our return L had to return home but not before eating cake.

The Digital Realm
Halo Anniversary goes well. I have completed the campaign and currently hunting down all those hidden skulls. Banjo-Tooie is almost done as well. I might have to start it again so the magic never stops!
Written word
H.P. Lovecraft sure as hell knew how to write amazing stories! his collective works goes well and I am about 1/6th of the way through them. I look forward to more sleepless nights.
Random Netflix adventures when I have time. Nothing super stellar to report back on here.

Hats off to you folks who check in on us! Your exceptional patience is greatly appreciated.



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