April Wrap Up

I’m actually the late one starting this for once…and then it took E 3 months to get his act together.



What a crazy busy month. It FLEW by!

E came for a surprise visit for Easter! That was DEFINITELY my highlight! 😀

Disappointments this month included the removal of Med Bread from Moxie’s menu as well as Dr. Pepper… D:

We also had a two day ice closure. As much of an introvert as I am, I missed work and I missed being outside.

My personal goals were…

Visit E (He came here instead!)
Crochet 1 thing (I bought supplies and started a singular chain!)
Finish 1 book (Nope!)
Finish 1 video game (Nope!)
Start seedlings (I did this May 1st instead… D: #fail)

The usual rest of the round up included….

Watching: Bones (repeats), Arrow, OUAT, Supernatural (OUAT and Riverdale didn’t make the cut this month…) also a LOT of First 48
Playing: Yoshi’s Island (GBA SP), Mario Maker (Wii U), Pokemon Go
Reading: I started reading Jaycee Dugard’s book (A Stolen Life) but I haven’t finished it quite yet. It takes a lot out of me to read it…so we’re taking this one a bit slower.
Attended: Chakra Balancing Classes as per usual! Fate of the Furious with my love! (Solid 10/10 even though it didn’t make a whooole lot of logical sense…). I also went to check out the new location of Thai Kitchen (mmm!)
We’re also doing a workshop with Kim John Payne so I attended the first lecture on the 30th and the rest will spill over in to May… more on that to come 🙂

I also started purchasing supplies to do metal jewelry stamping so we’ll see where this journey goes in May…

I don’t think it’s possible to get any worse at posting these things than 3 months… Where did the time go? What did we do? This is usually where I like to take the time to tell you that it won’t happen again but y’all know that this is fully 3 months late and I still have another two blogs to get through. So, um ya my bad.

Skipping all of that, what did I do in April? Well friends I turned 29 this April (yes I know I am getting old). 29 revolutions around our local star – that is award worthy I think. Many things have happened to humanity that changed and shaped the way we live, interact and survive as a species in the last 3 decades. Here you are reading a VERY late blog entry somewhere in the world and in a different place than us. What has changed in your lifetime? I have seen the rise and fall of CDs, Pogs, Yo-yos, original Pokémon cards,  I have seen the conversion of digital media from VHS through Streaming. I remember yelling at my sister to get off the phone so I could play computer games on the internet. We learned DOS commands in grade one. Like I said, lots has changed.


God God, I am going to starve

As I am sure you read above I was able to visit L for Easter this year. It was a nice change to be able to fly home. Aside from Christmas this was the second time I had been home since the move down here in April. I had to fly Air Canada (it was not that bad except for the severe lack of food on the planes) then I took a bus ride and a short walk to L. Sadly ’twas a short trip and we just had enough times to have a nice dinner and see some friends before I had to return to school, work and SSM.



After the summation of school in late April I have more time for games, hobbies and the ever present work. May (insert select deity) have mercy on all our souls.


Once back into the grove of things I tried to be more healthy and make my lunch. This was the universe’s way of telling me that I should have just had Subway.

The Digital Realm:

Last month, I was trying to power through Darksiders II. I had to put it down. it just wasn’t what I needed. The artwork and characters was top notch but It was just too different from  the original Darksiders. If they come out with a third one I will definitely check it out. I started Halo Anniversary addition for the 360. My Banjo Tooie game is still strong and I am voraciously hunting down those Jiggies!
Stargate Atlantis has been watched once again. I think at least every year I have to have a good re-watch of the original movie (1994), SG-1, Atlantis and Universe. If you have not heard of these please check them out! I have caught up on the last of Game of Thrones before the new season. Truly a hurry up and wait scenario. Unsure of what to watch next. Suggestions?

Completed the last two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and have moved on to H.P. Lovecraft’s collective works.

Thank you for coming back 3 months after the fact to read about our lives. Stay tuned because L has forced me to stay up and complete the other two months owed to you. That’s right folks May’s Roundup is a just a click away!



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