Chakra Musings

What a lovely time I’ve had learning from Melissa.

She’s been a great teacher and I’m looking forward to her upcoming workshop.

I wrote about this chakra journey earlier in the year – you can read it here.

What I learned:

I walked in with a really basic understanding of chakras. I understood that we had them, that they’re suppose to be in alignment… all the really basic stuff.

Through Melissa’s teachings I’ve learned how to better keep them balanced; learned where my strengths are, as well as my weaknesses. Melissa provided us with “life work” (homework ;)) to continue working on balancing each chakra.
I was introduced to Hynni Healing practices (google it!), new muscle testing techniques, foods for each chakra, new crystal work, new cards…. the list goes on and on!

She also introduced me to a different type of yoga – Sridaiva. The idea behind it is really interesting (google it!) and seems to be more in line with my personal beliefs. It is definitely hard work but my body was grateful for it after!chakra.jpg
At the end of our last session, Melissa gifted us with these awesome guys ->

They were individualized to our own chakras 🙂

Again you can check out Melissa’s Facebook page here 🙂



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