Jingle Bells, Batman smells…

(Just kidding, Batman doesn’t smell.)

I’ll be the first to admit it. I *strongly dislike* Christmas.
“…but Laura, it’s only May…why are we talking about Christmas already?”

Because this year…we’ve decided to have a handmade Christmas.
Now that we’re engaged it seems my “to do” pile has grown in to a mountain.

We decided on a handmade Christmas for several reasons – the main reason being that we had some cool Pinterest ideas we wanted to try out. It also works well with my goal of wanting to learn how to crochet/knit. It also goes with my love of fleece blanket making.

I’ve started playing around with some different approaches to kraft paper tags (thank you Dollarama!). So far I’ve tried Mercurius’ watercolour pencils, sharpies and am currently working on some fun cutouts.

So, here goes nothing!


P.S. Guess what?! I finally STARTED crochet. I mean, its just a singular chain right now…but I started!!

Also… this post references Christmas but we generally try to celebrate in a more Yule style spirit between the two of us.


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