Terrific Tip Tuesdays!

Welcome to our first “Terrific Tip Tuesday!” we’re hoping to post new tips every Tuesday that relate to homesteading, foraging and more!

Today’s tip comes from L’s pal Sonia – she owns The Happy Hippie Husky which you should be “liking”, “following”, etc! More on her AMAZING store another day! Thank you Sonia for giving us permission to post this!

Sonia’s Safety Tips for Foraging!

” F- fact check. Don’t assume the first ID you receive is the right one. I ID new plants/fungi with at least three trusted sources before utilizing.

O- organize your pack before and after every trip. Clean out containers, make sure flashlights have batteries, make sure your first aid and survival gear is all up to snuff.

R- respect the land you are on. Who’s land are you walking? Any chance of spraying or runoff? Do you have permission to be there? What’s the terrain like? What’s going on with the weather? How’s the wildlife situation?

A- awareness: remain aware of your surroundings. Know where you’ve been and where you are going. Keep an eye and ear out for wildlife (bears are awake and hungry up here).

G- gear. According to all the wild woman memes I’ve seen we should either be running barefoot through the forest in a buckskin loincloth and fur trimmed bra or wafting about the trees in diaphanous flowing gowns. Those are great for photo-shoots but quite impractical for actual work in the wild. Pull those long socks up over your pant legs (tick protection), wear the ankle supporting boots, dress in layers so you can be prepared for whatever fickle weather spring has in store for you.

E- energy. Remain aware of your energy level. If you are already exhausted and haven’t turned around yet that can spell a really bad time. Make sure you have a good fast energy snack and water with you whether you think you will need it or not. If you are hiking in are group (another excellent safety practice) don’t be afraid to communicate when you need a break or feel done for the day.

Stay safe out there and have fun!!! Remember to please let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.”


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