Garden Musings

I was sitting here chomping down on my chocolate bunnies, I looked outside, and there it was…



Here in the bay, our snow melted a little while ago. That means nothing however, as it snowed again yesterday and again this morning.

I developed an interest for Bio-dynamic gardening this year. The more I read, the more confused I get, the more I understand and the more I tuck it back away. I feel like this will be an ever learning, ever evolving project.

We decided to forego our garden plot this year in the community garden. With Evan being 8000000000kms away (it really feels that way some days!) and the garden a decent distance from my residence, we decided to say goodbye to plots 60 & 63. We definitely will miss them this year.

This year I will be pitching in at home with my mom and pitching in at work.

On the home front:
Flowers (marigolds, sunflowers, lavender, etc)
I also have ornamental corn that I accidentally bought last year and hopefully can grow at home to bring to work (I don’t want anyone accidentally eating it….)

We’re still deciding all of this. So far I’ve contributed pumpkins, beans, peas and herbs. We are in an area where food is taken from our plots (which, if people need it and it isn’t going to waste – then it is no big deal!) so we’re trying to limit our choices and hopefully yield more product to work with instead. Extras that I grow at home will be transported to work… 🙂


We’re dreaming of our eventual, true Ho(l)mestead. So much gardening. Food for canning, drying, fermenting… we’re manifesting this dream each day! One tiny step at a time…. we will get there!

If you need me, I’ll be outside from now until late October.




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