These are a few of our favourite things!

Check back as this post will be updated often!

We’ve done a fair bit of traveling together – these are just a few of our favourite places to visit, to eat and to enjoy together!



The Copper Pot (Beausejour)
Boon Burger (Winnipeg)
IKEA (Winnipeg) (ok, but for real, veggie meatballs!!)

Jacob’s Trading Post (Beausejour/Winnipeg)

Growing up and living in Northwestern Ontario makes it REALLY hard to narrow down some of our favourite places and things to do… so this list HAD to be last… D:

Let’s start with everywhere else in Ontario first…

Wanda’s Waffles (Toronto) – always fresh, delicious and friendly! A great place for breakfast or lunch!

The Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto) – they have dinosaurs. Need we say more?!
Casa Loma (Toronto) – a bit cliche but GORGEOUS. Just don’t go in the middle of summer – it is HOT inside!

Northwestern Ontario
Kokom’s Bannock Shack (Dryden/Sault Ste. Marie) – whether we’re traveling west OR east – Kokom’s is there for us! Deep fried bannock pickles, need I say more? Soul food.

Wok With Chow (Marathon) – E’s best friend lived in Marathon for a tiny bit, as did his dad. This is some of the best Chinese eats around. Friendly staff, fast service….Do it!

A&W (White River) – so there was this one time we stopped and they had NO root beer… OTHERWISE it’s always been friendly, fast and fresh. A cold place to pee in the winter though 😉 (Seriously, the bathroom is COLD in the winter!)

Heritage Bush Plane Museum (Sault Ste. Marie)
Katherine’s Cove / Bathtub Island (Lake Superior Provincial park/ Sault Ste Marie)

United States:


Culvers (Duluth)
Olive Garden (Duluth)



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