Adding some balance…

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been taking a 16 week course through Free Spirit Healing on Chakra Balancing.
The first 7 weeks we went through the Chakras, starting with the Root and working our way up to the crown. Week 8 was a showing of a great movie E-motion. Then we are off to work our way back down from the Crown to the Root.

I’ve had limited experience with Chakra balancing. Melissa is a great teacher, and has created a safe space for this journey. We use a variety of mediums –  Sridaiva yoga, essential oils, meditations and crystals to help us along the way.

What I’ve enjoyed the most so far about this experience is that I have been able to see the impact of my own personal goals on my well-being. I’ve been working hard at saying “No” (as someone who ALWAYS says “Yes”) – this has made a HUGE impact in my life. What I wasn’t aware of was the balance it was creating within my chakras. I’ve met some amazing people through this course and reaffirmed that I am doing something positive for myself. It’s amazing to go through each chakra with Melissa (she highlights qualities of each chakra and separates them by excessive/lacking/balanced) and to see that I am closer and closer to balance in all areas. A year or two ago I would have identified with either excessive or lacking  in nearly all of them. Another great moment was regaining my energy sensation in my legs. That was powerful for me. I can’t say enough positive things about this experience for me. Melissa is a such a gem!

I’m SO looking forward to the second part of this experience. On Monday we start going back down. Stay tuned.

– L


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