February Wrap Up

We’re really bad at this… maybe we’ll get better 🙂

So, so bad at this.

February’s Wrap Up….

First, can we talk about how February just FLEW by?! I feel like I accomplished nothing…

February Goals:
Goal to beat 1 video game …. didn’t happen but so close! I’m still rocking Yoshi’s Island and enjoying the ride! On the last leg of it!

Circle Loom Knitting …intention is still strong here! The road to hell is paved with good intentions though, right?

Biodynamics Research my brain hurts… I took a brief break from this but I’m looking forward to researching more in March!

Start 52 Week Savings Challenge …now this one is going strong! Check & check. (Cheque ;)) This is the one I’m doing from Hello Pretty Bird!

Book a plane ticket … I did it! Heading to the sunny Soo to see E in two weeks! Yahoo!

Watching: How to Get Away With Murder (FINISHED season 2), Arrow, OUAT, Supernatural,  Riverdale & Letterkenny (S2)
Playing: Yoshi’s Island (GBA SP), Mario Maker (WiiU), Pokemon Go (HELLO new pokemon!)
Reading: Merchant of Death, Push Comes to Shove, Helter Skelter (still….:))
Attended: Chakra Balancing Classes… more on that in another post!
Family Favourites at the movies – A friend and I saw Starship Troopers (does NPH EVER age? Like, ever?), and The Running Man (always a good’n!)

Just wanted to say that March isn’t over yet so this month in review technically is not late. I concur with L that February also flew by. there is still a fair bit of snow here in the Soo with more on the way. It feels like early January at best some days.

Once again L wins with more excitement in her life:/ What did I get up to this month? College courses are in full swing and steaming towards March break. Work is still… work I doubt that will ever change. there is still a fair bit of snow here in the Soo with more on the way.

E’s Digital month at a glance:
Watching: Last season of Eureka, Third season of Vikings and season one of Stargate Atlantis
Playing: still hacking my way through Darksiders II (360). I was also eyeing up Halo anniversary addition (360)
Reading: Finished Zen Teachings of Huang-Po: On the Transmission of Mind. Started to reread The Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Podcasts:  Chevron locked, The Finer Points and Nerdy Things

It was a fun recalling all of February in a page. Maybe March will have some pictures *cough L *cough

So long for now!
– L & E


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