January Wrap Up

Here’s our January wrap up post!

What we’re aiming to do is quickly log our highs (and sometimes our lows too!)
Here we go!

January Goals:

Goal to beat 1 video game …. didn’t happen but so close! I’ve been playing Yoshi’s Island on my GBA SP. I’ve really enjoyed the game play thus far. There is no time limit which allows for more level exploration.

Circle Loom Knitting …. I haven’t gotten the supplies yet…but the intention is still strong!

Biodynamics Research … is going well! There is SO much to learn. I need to remember that I won’t necessarily accomplish everything in one go.

Watching: How to Get Away With Murder (just started Season 2!), Arrow, OUAT, Supernatural
Playing: Yoshi’s Island (GBA SP), Mario Maker (WiiU), Pokemon Go
Reading: Merchant of Death, Push Comes to Shove, Helter Skelter
Attended: Local screening of Banff Mountain Film Festival, Chakra Balancing Workshops

My round up on the local screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival will be up soon!

Firstly, Hey Folks – E here. I have to apologize for this overly late post as I have been procrastination on this for a while! Nothing much to report here in the Soo besides the crazy amount of snow we have. The snowbanks are higher than the truck in some spots of the city. I didn’t have as exciting of a January as L but here is what I am working on now:

Watching: Eureka (season IV) & Vikings (Season II)
Playing: Darksiders II (360) completed Darksiders
Reading: The Zen Teaching of Huang Po – On the transmission of mind
Attended: Classes at the college and work…

And there you have it! January is finally “wrapped up” annnd it’s the last day of February. Funny how that works… Stay tuned for February’s “wrap up”…coming sometime in March 😉




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