Banff Mountain Film Festival (On Tour)

We are so lucky to live in a city where part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is brought to us!

This year was the 27th year that the festival came to town. Thanks to our local Alpine Club! We thoroughly enjoyed it last year, unfortunately this year Evan was unable to attend due to school.

Here are my thoughts on some of the movies presented!

Topping my personal favourites…

Shift by far was my favourite film. The youth are doing HUGE work up in the Yukon. I hope one day to visit these amazing trails. Such a beautiful story in such a beautiful place. I hope this project continues – the youth are SO inspiring. Their dedication and hard work DEFINITELY pay off!

Four Mums in a Boat : is another inspiring story. I hope I’m as strong as these ladies when I get to their age! These ladies are so strong, determined and wonderful. They way they lift each other up, pull together and succeed is so inspiring.

Packing it Out :“Inspire a greater sense of environmental stewardship within our communities by raising awareness for litter conditions along America’s trails.”
I won’t lie, this one made my blood boil a tiny bit (well, a lot actually). The amount of garbage these guys pick up in their adventures is unreal. They’re doing the good work here – I admire them for it. A good reminder to “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time” while out exploring.

The Accord : I really liked this one. It was funny and I could relate to it. These guys are definitely determined to accomplish their surfing goals. I found this one to be the most visually appealing out of all the films shown.

Dog Power : Sled dogs have always amazed me. The amount of teamwork, strength and bonding is unreal. This film was educational for me – so many different types of dogs, and different sports!

Metronomic As a musician, this one spoke to my soul. Fun and terrifying all at the same time!

Also presented was… Max Your Days (visually appealing!) , Poumaka (this one was intense!), Ruin & Rose (terrifying!), and Dream Ride (neat concept!). While they were all wonderful in their own way, they just didn’t speak to me the way that the other 6 did.
I’m looking forward to this year’s festival already!

– L


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