A Dash of Biodynamics

What does the world need?

A deep question.

Food has always been in my blood. I come from a background of food – my parents both active in the local food industry, I’m a consultant with a popular Canadian spice company, I really enjoy creating food, gardening….the list goes on and on.

Food felt like the answer to this huge question. Food is so many things – a comfort, a memory, a necessity to life.

I experienced a calling this weekend while going through a creative process in my training.

I have this new desire to learn about Biodynamics.

I know E will read this and go What the bananas is Biodynamics?
The short Google definition of Biodynamics is…
a method of organic farming involving such factors as the observation of lunar phases and planetary cycles and the use of incantations and ritual substances.

Seems pretty intense, right?

Where to start.

This is the question I am still pondering. A mentor provided me with a fantastic basic resource and Pinterest has my head spinning. What an exciting and terrifying adventure this will be.

It took a moment to accept this journey and task. IMG_4923.JPG

We worked with clay – a transformation occurred in mine that I wasn’t expecting… I went from a hollow tree figure to eventually what I perceived as a tiny sprout.
It was interesting to see it from all angles and hear different opinions from colleagues and friends – a woman with an outstretched hands perhaps? A fae or angel from a different side? A serpent’s tongue.
Regardless, I feel it directed me to feeling more solid in this path.

I hope you’ll enjoy going down this rabbit hole with me. Our journey starts now. Off to research.

❤ L


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