Even though we are HUGE “pinners” we do have some other “go-to” resources that we trust and use often!

This post is a living document and will change from time to time! Be sure to check back!

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Shopping Local Sundays: The Country Market!

The Thunder Bay Country Market has SO many of our favourite places…in one convenient location!

The market is located on the CLE grounds in the Dove Building and is open on Saturdays (8am-1pm) and Wednesdays (May until the end of the year 3:30-6:30)

When you walk into the TBCM you’re greeted with friendly smiles and great smells!
These are just a few of our favourite places to check out. We definitely love walking the market and love ALL of the vendors, but these are our “must have” places

Some recent market purchases include these great items!

YQT Tee from Northies
Elfarrow tunic-dress from the sale rack! (So comfy!)
Pakoras from LocalMotion

Of course, this is just a small sample of some of our favourite things… here are some more!

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MIT: Progress.

These past few weeks have been BUSY.

So here is a tiny tiny update. We’re still working on monthly write ups 🙂 They’ll be out soon!

At work we’re hatching chickens! I started seedlings late…. SO much has happened. The past two weeks have been near summer weather here…yet they’re getting snow on the east coast. Eeek!

We started with 23 eggs at work. 6 hatched yesterday, today was the official hatch day…one was out when I left. We’ll see what tomorrow brings! Unfortunately we definitely lost two in the process 😦

We didn’t candle them so we’re not sure how many were suppose to hatch…but we’re SO elated with our 7! This is one of the more successful years that I’ve been a part of.

Here’s a sneak peek of what has been happening!

– L

MIT: My Painted Door Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending another My Painted Door workshop!

(I get to do it again on Tuesday .. more signs!)

This time we worked on benches. This one was a labour of love. I was the first person to do a yellow bench (I used Prairie Sunset)  …I definitely lost some trust in the process but fell in LOVE with my final product! (It can be REALLY hard to trust the process sometimes!)

It’s amazing what we accomplished in just under 3 hours. We started with a brand new bench, did some distressing (which was also DE-STRESSING 😉 ) added our base coats, then our top coats, stenciled, and finished with the darker wax. I went a bit heavy on the wax in the front, but overall I’m really happy with my finished product!

What I LOVE about Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint is how forgiving it is – if you feel it’s a bit too thick, add water. Too thin? Add a bit more paint. You can even mix colours together. So many options! As you know, we’re big on versatility here at The Holmestead. The dry time is also pretty quick, which means you can finish your projects FASTER 🙂

We had access to some of the stencils that MPD carries. I wanted to find the L for “Holmestead” but lining it up was a bit tricky. (We didn’t have an alphabet stencil, so we were borrowing from other stencils).

*The coordinates are missing the seconds… but it essentially points to the place where E and I met. 🙂 #cheesy.

I can’t wait to make our new sign this week!
(My friend and I might have a slight addiction to MPD workshops…)


MIT: Air Plant Workshop

This moment in time is brought to you by L’s current living situation.

Where I currently live has limited space and sun for indoor plants. I have a singular window to work with…so when my friend suggested attending an air plant workshop, I jumped on the opportunity.

As you may have noticed, we have a strong love for plants both indoors and outdoors. We’ll eventually write up a post about our plethora of other indoor plants that live happily in our apartment!

So why air plants? They require minimums – no direct sunlight, little watering… perfect for my current situation. They also take a bunch of junk out of the air, which is also great! You can read more about air plants here.

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Shop Local Sunday: Doula!

Did you know… Doula week just happened?!

It sure did!

Although we aren’t on a journey to starting a family yet… I thought it would be fitting to start our Shop Local Sundays with a close friend (who is a Doula!)

Why I’d choose Brielle to be my Doula…

  • She’s a great friend, mom and wife.
  • She has a shining personality and brings rays of sunshine to cloudy days!
  • She’s very knowledgeable and, like me, is a life long learner!
  • She supports without judgement. She believes in you and your path!
  • She truly believes in her duty as a Doula and is committed to serving families in a way that best serves them!

Why does she Doula? What does she Doula?

For the answers to these questions… check out her website and her Facebook page! She is able to physically serve in Thunder Bay and is virtually available anywhere!

Stay tuned for our next installment of Shopping Local Sunday 🙂