Even though we are HUGE “pinners” we do have some other “go-to” resources that we trust and use often!

This post is a living document and will change from time to time! Be sure to check back!

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June, July & August Wrap Up

L: Oh boy, the end of July and beginning August we’re SO awesome! I got to visit E in June too and that was super exciting.

The biggest and most exciting part about August is that we….went on an adventure!
We’ll talk about that in another post though! 🙂

Then the usual stuff for me…
I watched so many things and read SO much during these months…I’m so proud of myself!
Highlights would include – reading HP aloud during our camping trip, How to Get Away with Murder, OUAT… so much! Played some Mario Maker and got back to playing Little Big Planet with our friends.
Kombucha production took off, the garden finally started to grow…
As I mentioned previously, I went amethyst hunting.
SO much abundance, joy and gratitude happened!

I’ll let E sum up our adventures this time 🙂

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Garden Life

Pictured above: Beans (top left), Carrots (middle), Sunflower (top right), Marigolds (bottom left) & Mister Spider (bottom right)

Please ignore the weeds 🙂 I’ve been gone out of town for the past few weeks. I also didn’t get a chance to thin the carrots like I would have liked to.

This growing season has been an interesting one… I don’t really want to talk about it, but I guess I will…

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June Wrap Up

June’s post was eaten by the goats of the internet.

Please stand-by for the retroactive May post and the upcoming July post.


(SO many good things happened in June! Notably E and I had a great visit together. I finished a few books…whatever. It happened*. Moving forward…)


*I may or may not be really upset that my post was eaten.

Terrific Tip Tuesday!

One day we’ll sit down and schedule a bunch of these…I swear! 🙂

Today’s Terrific Tip is about making connections.

Having a great support system around you will make a huge difference.

Here’s my ode to Sonia and her crew… they’re so inspiring and have definitely given us some great ideas!

Sonia is the kinda lady you want around. Someone who knows a little bit about everything – she’s foraging, she’s raised a few flocks 😉 and she’s someone who is already living the homestead dream. We only wish she was a bit closer to us 😉

Beyond that – you want to go out and meet people. Get to know your local feed store crew, your agricultural society…find your inspiring people!

The internet is a great resource and a great place to start…my challenge to you though is to get out there and try the old school way*- get to know your neighbours, get to know your local resources… you’ll never know who you’ll meet!


*This challenge is brought to you by my inner introvert, who has to challenge herself to get out and actually talk/interact with people… 🙂

Terrific Tip Tuesday!

Welcome to another installment of Terrific Tip Tuesday!

Today’s theme is “Delayed” (my flights have been delayed, and thus, so is this post…)

We’re cheating (again!) and offering up another good’n from our friend Sonia (owner of the Happy Hippie Husky and fellow blogger)

Check out her tips on Family Foraging here.

I couldn’t have said it better.


Enjoy the journey! Let’s see those finds!