Even though we are HUGE “pinners” we do have some other “go-to” resources that we trust and use often!

This post is a living document and will change from time to time! Be sure to check back!

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MIT: Art Gallery of Algoma

We’ve been exploring different parts of the Soo since E moved there. We’ll continue to highlight these “Moment in Time” (MIT) posts as we continue to blog.

In January, we decided to check out the Art Gallery of Algoma. We were not disappointed!

The feature exhibit was quilting Splendor of Thread and Fabric. A personal goal of L’s is to learn to quilt. Each piece was inspiring and gorgeous!

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Terrific Tip Tuesday: Say CHEESE!

Welcome to the latest installment of Terrific Tip Tuesday!

I’ve battled with my lactose intolerance for my entire life, which is awful, because I LOVE cheese. (I also enjoy ice cream, and milkshakes, and so many other dairy products…but I LOVE cheese.)

During our visit to Windsor last summer we made some delicious vegan cheese (which I continue to make even now) but every once in awhile I want the real deal.
Thankfully, PC has created an entire line of lactose free goodness. We heart you PC!

But why stop there.

Why not make lactose free cheese at home!
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Joy and Gratitude

Butter! Delicious, delicious, butter!

To you, it might look like nothing. Two jars, kinda lumpy.

To me it looks like joy. It sounds like giggles and singing. It tastes amazing. I’m filled with gratitude when I look at it!
I really do have the best job in the world! Teaching tiny humans little life skills like this is the best!
Will they remember how to do it when they grow older? Probably not. But the joy of the activity will stay with them!

We served our butter alongside a delicious, home cooked, holiday meal with our work families.

How are you creating memories this holiday season? How do you create them in your life daily?


Terror in the Bay!

What an exciting time October was. (We’re still debriefing from it! Yes, it’s December :))

There was a horror movie festival, Terror in the Bay held on my birthday weekend! This was the first year for the festival, and I hope it continues!

While I didn’t get to attend the whole weekend, I did get to experience most of the first night! It made for a fantastic birthday!

I wasn’t able to find all of the trailers, but if you check out the Terror in the Bay Facebook page you’ll be able to find out more information!

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